Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Did you know that the average piece of fruit or vegetable travels around 1500 miles before it hits the shelves of your grocery store? They are harvested before they are ripe. Then packed away to ship to your grocer. Tomatoes are usually shipped green or just starting to ripen. This allows two things to happen. The first is so that when it arrives at the store and they put it on the shelf, it is just about ripe so can take it home and enjoy it. The second is so that they can ship it without damage. Imagine what would happen if you had a huge crate of tomatoes fully ripe. The ones on the bottom would be squished to smithereens. You are also robbing yourself of important nutrients. Nutrients, vitamins, mineral... All of them aren't fully developed and are lacking. Flavor is also usually compromised. Picking them before they are ripe doesn't allow them to fully develop flavor. This is why your backyard garden vegetables have so much more flavor than store bought. 

The “Farm-to-Table” Movement has been going on for some time now. The idea of growing your own vegetables and fruits has been around since the settlers starting farming. Nowadays, Chefs are buying local produce and meat, and using them to make delicious and nutritious dishes. 

By purchasing produce from local farmers and farmer's markets, you are supporting the local farmers and putting money back into the local economy. While stimulating the local economy and keeping our local farmer’s in business, we will rely less on big box stores. We can eat more flavorful and nutritious food.

You can also save money by growing your own. There are lots of vegetables that you can grow in your garden. If you don't have room one, grow a couple of your favorite veggies in containers on a porch or patio.

So plant a seed and grow your dinner!

Some local places to buy fruits and veggies...

Duran's Farms

Finnell Farms

Mason Farms

Frank's Farm Market and Bakery

I know there are more places but these are just a few all over the area.

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