Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Easter Egg Coloring Update

So as you know, I posted about coloring Easter Eggs on my last post. Unfortunately, I did not have time to try the Natural Dye's this year but I thought that I would share on the eggs I received from my father. I explained how he took his time on coloring his eggs and he comes up with some really spectacular looking eggs. Here are 2 of the eggs he brought us for Easter.

My Chef Hawleywood Egg!
He has very fancy handwriting!
Fancy designs.
His interpretation of a "Stained Glass" egg.
Side of "Stained Glass" egg.
Every year, the last eggs to get used usually end up being my dad's. Nobody wants to ruin his creations. Unless of course they have our names on them. In that case, we use them first for our traditional "Easter Soup". I just thought I'd share my dad's eggs and show you what he does every year.

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